Are you planning a trip to Mandurah? This city in Australia features so many great things to do, and the beach is certainly going to be in play. It’s the southwestern coastline of Australia specifically where you are going to be when you arrive there on your trip. Get ready to see dolphins, blue manna crabs, festivals, pelicans and so much more as you check out all of these great things to do in Mandurah, Western Australia. For more information on Mandurah, WA, go here.

Dolphin Quay is the top attraction, and it is located off of Ormsby Terrace. This is an indoor market full of unique gifts and souvenirs. Reviews talk about there being all kinds of great food to eat there, too. You are going to want to check out this #1 ranked attraction for sure so that you come away bringing home a little piece of Mandurah with you.

Now, you can enjoy that shopping experience first, or you can choose to enjoy the scene and shop for souvenirs after you have been there for a few days. Another top attraction in Mandurah is East Foreshore Park, and you can find it at the Mandurah Terrace, right on the waterfront. This is another place that is surrounded by great places to eat, too. Keep that in mind because both attractions mentioned so far come with that perk.

Now it is time to go to the beach. Silver Sands Beach is the one, and it is located off of Henson Street. Just so you know, you can bring your dog along if he or she is with you, and the reviews point to there being BBQ facilities there. People say it is a lovely place, and Mandurah, Australia itself definitely seems like a lovely place.

Before you choose a beach and dismiss any others though, you need to know that Halls Head Beach is definitely one of the most popular places in Mandurah. It is on Halls Head Road, and reviews say there is a dome cafe there, too. It is going to be awesome seeing what the beaches are like in Australia if you have never been there.

The Mandurah War Memorial is another top attraction, and you will find it at 11 Leighton Place. The King Carnival and the Mandurah Community Museum are two attractions that would also be considered musts when you visit this city in Australia. That will get you started on the best, and now you can fill in the rest. Have fun vacationing in Mandurah, Australia.