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Mandin Electrical is a family-operated business that runs out of the scenic town of Dudley Park in Western Australia. We have grown over the years and gained the trust of the local community through the level of professional service we offer, backed by well trained, highly qualified and friendly electricians. Knowing that electrical issues can happen at any time of the day, we also make sure that our office is open even on holidays. This gives residents some peace of mind of finding a reliable electrician in Dudley Park to solve any electrical problem, any day.

From the smallest domestic job to the largest commercial project, our clients enjoy a high level of expert advice on design and up to the minute technologies for their homes, businesses and organizations.

  • High Quality, Professional, Certified & Licensed Local Electrician
  • Commercial, Industrial, Domestic & Residential Electrical Services Contractor
  • Best & Fastest Emergency Electrical Company in Mandurah.

Not only will we ensure that your current electrical needs are adequately met, but that considerable thought and planning is given to your future needs.

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At Mandin Electrical, we are proud to offer electrical services that cater to both commercial and residential areas, saving you not only time but also money and frustration. We make sure that the level of professional service we give remains at the highest level, as repairs are performed safely and correctly right from the beginning.

A poorly wired electrical system of a home or business can become a source of aggravation because it prevents the occupants from enjoying modern day amenities and technology. Give us a call today to see how we are able to perform tweaks or upgrades to an aging electrical system in order to transform the entire place into a more user-friendly environment.

Muilti-Skilled Electricians

Mandin Electrical boasts of professional electricians who are more than capable of installing a wide range of electrical equipment. These include ceiling fans, air conditioners, heaters, and lighting solutions as well as upgrades to the electrical panel and circuit breaker. We also give professional advice to home and business owners how to improve the other electrical aspects of their home, such as energy and cost savings, increased value, safety, and security, as well as home transformation.

Highest Safety Standards

At Mandin Electrical, we constantly remind ourselves that safety is crucial for a proper electrical system. This is why our professional electricians always go the extra mile to ensuring the safety and security of the place where we are working at, keeping an eye open for any potential wiring issues, electrocution, and fire risks.

Electrical Wiring

Building Relationships with High-Quality Service

We also know the value of having the most appropriate lighting configuration that will make your place look clean and well lit without hurting your pocket. We do this by utilizing the numerous affordable and energy efficient lighting solutions that are in the market today, and by providing a fully customizable solution for each individual location.

As we continue to work on maintaining a close working relationship with the people of Dudley Park, we give our clients different kinds incentives, such as free quotes, pensioner discounts to alleviate any financial burden, and cancellation of the call out fee, which other electricians charge.

Let The Dudley Park Professionals Do It

Mandin Electrical is ready to help whether it be as simple as replacing a light bulb, or a more complex situation such as rewiring the entire house, or making sure that your business space is electrically-ready to cater to an influx of computers and other electrical equipment. Call us at 0408 352 451, and we will be more than happy to see how we are able to help.

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